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Let’s talk about you, and the uniqueness of you. In this blog I’m going to explain why we all have different voices and why your voice is special and should be celebrated!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself saying “I wish I could sing like that” - if you didn’t raise your hand, I don’t believe you! Whether you’re a confident singer or not, at some point in your life you’ll have said or thought to yourself that exact phrase, or something similar.

We are all made differently, our bodies are different, our voices are different, our minds are different and our souls are different. We speak in different languages, different accents, with different styles, at different pitches, at different speeds. (Have I said different enough yet?! - I can’t promise I won’t say it again!) This is the exact reason your voice is one of a kind! Even identical twins have differences in their voices.

So, we’ve established the fact that we all have different voices for a number of reasons but let’s have a look at what else can have an effect on your voice. The voice changes with more or less sleep, more or less practice, more or less water, more or less use. For example; if you’ve been up really late one night and not had a lot of sleep, the next day you can feel physically, mentally, emotionally tired- the voice feels that too. Let’s also look at another approach; if you’ve been training your body and working out a lot, your body gets stronger and more flexible- same happens when training the voice. Like the body, the voice is moldable, you can learn various styles & techniques to sing or sound a certain way - this is super useful for singing different genres of music! But at its core it is still YOUR voice! -Isn’t that incredible?!

Still unsure about your voice? - That pop singer who’s #1 in the charts, has said they wished they could sing like someone else. The Broadway star you listen to on repeat, has thought why don’t I sound like that singer. I have personally said, more times than I can count, “I’d love to have her voice” about a fellow singer. By trying to be somebody else, you are neglecting your biggest, most powerful tool- YOU! So compliment & support other singers, absolutely! But don’t forget to take a look in the mirror and compliment yourself, congratulate yourself for your successes and celebrate your achievements. If you’re practicing a song and you sang it well, say “wow- I nailed that today!” Just hit a Top C for the first time- “amazing work!” Learned the tune and/or lyrics to a new song- “fantastic!” Throw a little positivity your way, because your voice is special!

Singing is connected to your soul so be kind- find a song or genre of music that best suits you, that you enjoy singing, embrace your unique voice, your unique sound, your unique identity- nobody else can do you better than you.

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