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NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS - Setting Your Singing Goals.

‘What should my new years goal be?’ Goals can be vague, forgotten or unimportant, so when it comes to goals a lot of people don’t achieve them, or don’t even get close to achieving them. So how do you set a goal that you’re going to achieve?

Firstly, you want to decide what it is you want to achieve, and if it is something you really want? Is it realistic? How happy would you feel if you achieved it?

Goals can be big or small- maybe you want to learn a new song every month, or you want to practice singing 3 times a week for 1 hour. You now need to look at what you need to do to achieve those things- schedule practice times, make a list of songs you’d love to sing. Achievable right? And specific.

The key to setting yourself an achievable singing goal is being specific- general goals “I want to sing higher”, “I want to learn new songs” are too vague. “I want to sing a top C”, “I want to sing World Burn, from Mean Girls”, “I want to add 3 songs to my rep book” - these are specific. Be specific.

Now set yourself an end date- “ I want to sing a top C by 1st June.” - you have set a specific goal with an end date, and you can now map out the process to achieving it. You're already more likely to achieve your goal!

Now what do you need to do to achieve it? ‘I need to find a singing teacher that can help me find that area of my voice’, ‘I need to practice these vocal exercises everyday’ - you can act on these things, and by doing so you’re working towards achieving your goal!

Next step: WRITE IT DOWN! Did you know by writing down your goal you are more likely to achieve it? I would also recommend telling someone, not everyone, but one person you trust or admire that can hold you accountable and can check in on your progress and how you’re doing!

Finally, take action. You’ve decided on your goal, you know how you are going to achieve it and in what time frame, you’ve written it down and told someone to check in with you and support you, now start! Take the first step now towards achieving your goal! Good Luck!

But what if you set yourself a big goal.. I’m talking, BIG goal, something that scares you a bit? It’s exactly the same process, you just might have to reassure yourself throughout the process, to stop yourself feeling the fear and quitting! And definitely bring someone else on board to help you achieve it and hold you accountable! You got this!

Do you have a big vocal goal or career goal? Book in a consultation session with me now and let’s get started on making your dream a reality!


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