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You want to feel & become unstoppable in your musical theatre career. Become the best in the biz spending 3 days with Gemma Anne Barnes & other top level coaches, creatives & casting, in the heart of Broadway.

  • Build Broadway connections & work with the best in the industry - coaches, creatives & casting.

  • Gain insights into who you need to become, what you need to do & how you need to be showing up to book top level, highly paid work & become a musical theatre icon.

  • Life is busy, but this is time specific for you to focus on your career, time to pour into yourself & your dream musical theatre career. Refocus & set your soul on fire so you can stand out in the audition room & be remembered.

  • Feel so crystal clear that you are on the right path & that this is 100% going to happen for you - you're about to do things 13 year old you dreamed of..

Ready to feel & become unstoppable in your career? Welcome to the New York City Retreat.

How do you know if this is for you?

  • You dream of being a worldwide performer

  • You do what most people don't.. and this is why you get results most people will never get

  • You don't wait until you're 'ready', you love to learn & level up

  • You love investing in yourself & your career, & value being in the room with A players

  • You are ALL IN, you don't have a plan B

  • You always find a way to make it happen, you don't make excuses - even if it feels scary.

If this literally describes you, or this is who you want to be - the New York City Retreat is for you.

What will it look like when I'm there?:

​Back in May, 2023, I was walking through the busy streets of NYC.. it was spring, the sun was shining, I had a juice in hand & I was on my way to work with my voice teacher, who has a studio on 56th St. 

I had the craziest idea about hosting a retreat for musical theatre performers. Here. In this city. The birthplace & home of musical theatre. "No way" I thought & shook my head, "I can't do that, it's too huge. I've never done it before"

But I couldn't get the idea out of my head..

After my voice lesson, I walked around the corner to a super busy lunch spot - they did these great salads, I'd had one from here a few days before, with avocado & chicken & seeds & lettuce, it was huge - I ended up eating it for my lunch & dinner that day, there was so much of it!

I took my giant salad down to Bryant Park, this cute little grassy area with a dog park & benches & a play ground for children to play in. There was a little cafe too, which always had people sitting outside, reading books, scrolling on their phones or chatting with friends. "What an opportunity" I thought again, ideas pinging around in my super active mind. 

"The chance to work with Broadway creatives, casting directors, maybe even composers.. to fully immerse yourself in your career, you craft & your purpose. To get life changing coaching from me by day & be inspired by Broadway shows by night, as well as experiencing one of the most incredible, vibrant cities in the world."

But how would I do it? 

Well, the more I thought about it, the more I saw it all coming together..

I saw clients flying into NYC, for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Meeting at the studios at 10AM on our first day together. Performers from all over the world, that have one thing in common - they want to become the best at what they do & build the most out-of-this-world career. Where everyone in the industry knows their name & people say "how are they so successful?!"

One life-changing experience after another, working with the absolute best in the industry. You walk out of studio, to grab lunch & head to Central Park, before spending the afternoon working on your songs, levelling up your performance with a top New York director.

You finish your day with a trip to the theatre, watching a sell out Broadway musical & watching what you are working on, in action, right before your eyes.. if they can do it, so can I.

After a standing ovation & clapping so hard your hands are stinging, you head back to your accommodation to sleep & start it all over again tomorrow..

3 days of non-stop level ups, non-stop quantum leaping, non-stop remembering who the f you are & that your musical theatre dreams are 100% meant for you & in your not so distant future.

A 3 Day In Person Event where you will take daily classes with me, Broadway creatives & casting directors, see multiple Broadway shows, join our VIP Leading Lady dinner event & have the time of your life! You will be a whole new person at the end of these 3 days.

Dates: 2-4 June 2024

All inclusive price: £1999 (payment plan available)

Ready to go ALL IN & experience the opportunity of a lifetime in NYC?

Still want to find out more before you apply? - Watch the NYC Retreat Party! 

~Get a behind the scenes look of what we have planned, so far, for the NYC Retreat - our first industry guests confirmed, the sell-out Broadway musical we have tickets to see & more..

~Learn how the NYC Retreat will be the catalyst for the musical theatre career you dream of - BIG action = BIG results.

~Meet the performers already signed up to the NYC Retreat & what they are most excited for!

~Answering questions about the NYC Retreat experience

~FOR 48 HOURS ONLY!! Exclusive bonuses when you sign up! (Worth over £600!!)

Ready to join the Musical Theatre Experience of a lifetime?


Q: Can I join from anywhere in the world?

A: Yes - as long as you are a working or auditioning professional performer, it doesn't matter where you from only that you want the musical theatre career of your dreams.

Q: What about flights & accommodation?

A: You are responsible for booking your own flights & accommodation. I recommend you fly into New York on 1st June (the day before we start) or before, and fly out after 5th June. The 3 Days we are together will be full on days, starting around 10AM & finishing around 10PM each day (this is an estimate & not exact timings). You will be added to a NYC Retreat group chat with other attendees where you can discuss accommodation & planning for your trip.

Q: How many performers will be attending?

A: Spaces are limited to make sure every performer gets to perform & work with all coaches/ experts. All sessions are group classes & will include

individual performance time & coaching, as well as observing & learning from each other.

Q: Will this really transform my life & career?

A: From the moment you invest in yourself you are committing to your dreams & already one step closer to making them a reality. Gemma always over-delivers & the experts joining us are the best in the biz at what they do. What you put in, you will get 10x out - if you go all in & commit to yourself & your musical theatre career, you can expect to see big things to happen inside your musical theatre career, on the countdown to, during & after this event.

Please note: By booking this retreat you agree to my Terms of Service.

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