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The most AMAZING Membership to Help You Level Up Your Musical Theatre Career & Book the Roles and Shows you dream of!

  • Are you a Musical Theatre Singer but you're struggling to get in front of top casting & creative teams?

  • Are you getting great auditions but not booking the job?

  • Do you walk out of auditions thinking 'that should have gone better..'?

  • Do you tell yourself you're perfect for the job, then immediately ask yourself "how do I get in for that team?!"


Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Say "YES" Today!

  • This NEW Membership combines Singing & Performance Masterclasses with Career Coaching. The two key elements to having a successful career in the Musical Theatre industry. 

  • Once a month LIVE group masterclass to teach you the steps you need to be taking to book your dream job!

  • Access to the Audition Warm Up Course, so you're always audition-ready.

  • Access to the GET BOOKED members hub, where you will find additional training & resources that will help you build the career you deserve.

  • Exclusive invites to networking events, both online & in London. This includes mock audition workshops, member meet ups, showcases, concerts & industry guest Q&A's & Masterclasses.

  • Priority booking for upcoming courses, including The Casting Director Series, Mastering Your Mix Voice, Rep Revamp & more. 

Yeah.. because we believe in you and are committed to you getting audition invites for incredible shows, countless call backs, successful final rounds and job offers you've always dreamed of, living your onstage and offstage dream life.. we've done something to help MOTIVATE you daily!

I've decided to personally post you a Singing Star Audition Planner - so you can feel like a true Singing Star everyday!

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When You Sign Up Today, You Get All Of This..

  • GET BOOKED Membership - one live group masterclass each month; a career transforming combination or Singing & Performance Coaching & Career Coaching. So you have every part of your musical theatre career mastered & are continuously showing up as the absolute star that you are!

  • Access to the Audition Warm Up Course - prepare your voice & mind for auditions & performances, or practice at home & keep your voice in peak condition.

  • Access to the GET BOOKED community hub - additional training & resources to get you into audition rooms & help you build a long, successful career in the musical theatre industry. 

  • Exclusive invites to networking events - meet industry pros that can open the door to the musical theatre career you dream of & find your tribe of performers, that will hold you accountable, support & motivate you throughout your career. 

  • Priority booking - never miss out on upcoming courses. (The insanely popular Casting Director Series regularly sells out within 48hrs of going on sale!)

     BONUS GIFT! - Singing Star Audition Planner (the secret to my career success!)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a minimum commitment?

A: There's no minimum! You can stay as long as you'd like inside of the membership. 

Q: When will I start to book jobs?

A: The sooner you sign up, get out of your comfort zone and start taking action towards the career and life you want, the sooner you'll start seeing more audition success, get into the rooms you want to be in and book the roles and shows you dream of.

Q: Is there really that much value inside of the membership?

A: Gemma created this membership with you in her heart. She created this membership because she wants singers like you, to kickstart their career and keep it flying high so they can see the success they deserve, in this crazy, wonderful industry! There are no boring, irrelevant old videos or out of date tutorials and coachings. Only current, science based voice training and up to date career advice. These are steps and techniques Gemma has used to book her dream job and live a life she loves!

Q: Is this course for beginners as well as professional Musical Theatre Singers?

A: This membership is for professional or in training Musical Theatre Performers only.


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