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For LEAD ROLE Musical Theatre Performers that want to walk into their singing audition knowing they have the right song & are going to give an incredible performance, get a callback & book their dream role!

  • Are you unsure of your casting?

  • You don’t have the perfect audition songs for you in your rep book 

  • You lack confidence in your voice, performance & your song choice at auditions

I've been where you are right now.. I used to take songs into auditions that I thought the panel wanted to hear, that I thought were “right” for the show or role I was auditioning for.. I was getting really frustrated about why I never got a callback. Was I not good enough? Was it my song choice? Should I have sung something else?

I decided it was time to change this. It was time for consistent callbacks. Time for me to book my dream role!

I started looking at who I was, what made me special? What was amazing about me? And what stories could I tell - I wanted to find songs that connected with me.

From the moment I found these songs, I learnt who I am as a performer, what I was incredible at, where I fit in the industry & walked into auditions feeling like the ONE - the ONE the audition panel had been looking for.

I showed my vocal ability, my personality in my singing auditions & instantly started getting callbacks for almost every job I auditioned for.

I booked my dream job & got to live every day in my absolute dream life - onstage performing every day, inspiring & entertaining the audience, taking them on a journey, bringing the magic I feel being onstage into their lives! And offstage, my life was incredible too - I got to travel the world, visit the most beautiful countries & experience new adventures. I had money (yes - you’re allowed to earn good money as well as doing what you love!) so I could go out for nice dinners, book trips around the world, get a dog & still be able to pay my mortgage!

If you want to -

  • Feel super confident with your audition songs  

  • Know where you fit in the industry

  • Get consistent call backs

  • Book your dream role & show!


What you'll get inside of Rep Revamp:

  • 1:1 Vocal & Career Coaching - to work out your casting, work on your singing & audition songs, plan the steps you need to take to book your dream role.

  • Audition Song suggestions that are PERFECT for you & your voice - have all the songs you'll need for any audition

  • Sheet music support & Audition Cuts prepared with you - whatever audition cut you need, you'll have it ready & well presented. You'll be able to explain your cuts & tempo to the pianist with confidence.

  • Group Audition & Performance Coaching - perfect your connection & storytelling, learn how to present yourself & BE in the audition room, to make sure you always give a great performance & you're the singer that the panel can't stop thinking about.

  • Voxer Group Coaching - for ongoing support & to build connections. Feel motivated, inspired & unstoppable surrounded by other incredible performers that are going to make their dream career & life a reality. This is the true MAGIC of Rep Revamp - the level ups in this space are unreal!

BONUS: West End Casting Director & Musical Director Mock Audition & Q&A (Online or London option)


BONUS: Access to all micro programs whilst inside of Rep Revamp.

At the end of this 12 week program you will:

  • Feel confident with your audition songs & rep folder - never question what you're singing for an audition again!

  • Know your casting & where you fit in the industry, so you can audition for the roles & shows you're perfect for!

  • Start to get more call backs for the roles & shows you're perfect for - you'll hear less "that's all we need for today" & more "can you come back with this material"

  • You'll be on the path to book your dream role & show! There will be no doubt that this is going to happen for you soon - no matter what!

What's included?

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 Vocal & Career Coaching - Value £954

  • Audition song suggestions - Value £180

  • Audition cuts & sheet music preparation - Value £120

  • Monthly Group Audition & Performance Coaching - Value £210

  • 12 weeks Voxer Group Coaching - Value £600

  • BONUS: West End Casting Director & Musical Director Mock Audition & Q&A - Value £99

  • BONUS: Access to all micro programs - Value >£300


Total Value: INSANITY!

You pay - Pre-sale price: £997

(Payment plan available.)

12 week program - starting in JUNE 2023! 


Q: Do I need to be in the UK for this program?

A: No - Gemma is based in London, UK, but you can join from anywhere in the world as this entire program can be completed online. The only element that you have the option to attend in London is your 1:1 coaching.

Q: Is this program for professional performers only?

A: Yes. This is a high level program, for musical theatre performers that are ready to book their dream jobs in theatre, on land, at sea & internationally.

Q: Am I really going to book my dream job from doing this program?

A: Gemma always over-delivers & will give you all the knowledge & strategies she used to book her dream job & continues to use to help her clients book their dream jobs. What you put in, you will get 10x out - if you go all in & commit to this program & your musical theatre career, you can expect to see big things starting to happen inside your musical theatre career!

Please note: I will only be taking a small amount of clients onto this program due to the amount of 1:1 time and personal attention each singer will be receiving. By booking this course you agree to my Terms of Service.

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