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What do people say?

"I have been so impressed with my progress since I first started working with Gemma. She has helped me understand my voice through technical training and how to utilise it to my best ability when performing. I’ve also had some amazing opportunities to perform and gain feedback from Casting and Musical Directors through Gemma‘s regular workshops. My confidence and skill set continues to grow every lesson I have with her!"

-Eloise Price

"I have loved my online vocal lessons with Gemma, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the get go, each lesson has enabled me to improve my ability vocally and characteristically for certain genres. Gemma also really helped me with finding some much needed repertoire, which was a breath of fresh air and another big confidence boost! I feel more excited about my singing and more prepared for the future auditions to come. Thank you Gemma for all of your help!" 

-Nicole Reeves

"Gemma explains the anatomy of the voice and the different ways we can utilise it to create different sounds amazingly well and my vocal progression under her guidance has been outstanding. On top of this I can tell she goes out of her way to make all of her students feel comfortable in their lessons. I would recommend Gemma to anyone enquiring about potential singing lessons." 

-Cobi Barber

"Perfect Your Pop was the perfect course for me. Having had a lot of musical theatre and classical training, I always felt comfortable singing in these genres. However, singing pop felt very exposed and something that I just ‘didn’t have the voice for’. Gemma went through a range of techniques with me, and her friendly and non-judgmental manner made it easy to play around with new sounds and styles. She also chose four contrasting songs for me which we worked through together. I now know that I do have a pop voice and feel confident and excited to try all sorts of new material. Thank you Gemma." 

-Sophie Hill

"I started singing with Gemma 3 years ago, I was shy and lacked confidence but immediately she put me at ease and I felt confident enough to sing and talk to her. Gemma has not only made me become a better singer, she has also helped me improve my acting through song and we've worked on monologues together. Gemma helped me become confident enough to audition for drama school and if it wasn't for her help I wouldn't be there full time now living my dream. I look forward to my weekly lessons as there's always a new suggestion to sing!"


"Gemma has been my singing teacher for many years, and has even found a way to keep up with singing lessons with me in Lockdown. From experience, I know that Gemma is a great teacher. She is always helping me develop my skills, whilst still being a fun person! Also, she is very welcoming and never fails to make me smile. Gemma gives me constructive criticism in my lessons which helps me a lot."


"My daughter has been singing with Gemma now for 2-3 years and she absolutely loves her lessons. Gemma takes on board what she wants to sing and looks to improve her singing those songs, whilst also coming up with other suitable suggestions! My daughters singing has improved so much over the years, so much so that she has just been accepted full time into a London theatre school. Gemma is kind, caring and passionate about her job and this shines through, my daughter wants to sing with her for many more years to come."

-Ellen Kerner

"My daughter started singing with Gemma last Spring. In July, she had a school concert and blew the roof off her school hall with ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’- Celine Dion, the song Gemma coached her to sing! I was crying, and even her maths teacher was crying. I’m not saying it because it’s my girl, her music teacher saved her until last and what a finale- everyone came over to congratulate her! So a massive thank you again for that!"

-Jeanette Cheung

"Gemma is a really professional, organised and dedicated teacher. She gives her all to make her singing sessions innovative and enjoyable. She has given my daughter so much confidence to really let her voice shine. Gemma has a lovely way with her students whilst still managing to train them in both technique and performance."

-Raffaella Dixon

"Gemma is such a fantastic teacher, she is so patient and lovely in her sessions and works on what you would like to improve so lessons are fun and interesting!"

-Melissa Amer

"Gemma is a superb teacher who gives outstanding attention to detail in the voice and vocal health.  She picks up on each individuals needs and allows each student to grow into their own voice rather than a reproduction. She has helped students with their technique to a standard where they can audition for Performing Arts colleges and Productions.  All our students have been successful in their endeavours. Gemma has a great personality and is very easy to get on with. It can be very difficult to find a teacher with that level of friendship coupled with professionalism, but Gemma strikes that balance perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending Gemma as a teacher, her experience and attention to detail of her students needs is of the highest level."

-Julie McPartland

-Kim Southey

"Gemma is a born teacher with her own professional singing ability that helps her maintain an empathetic touch in her teaching. She believes in her students, builds up confidence and a can-do attitude, getting singers out of their comfort zone and bringing out the best of their abilities."

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