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I used to struggle with higher contemporary songs, I would often flip into head voice or not be able to sing the song, until I found my mix voice & learnt that songs like ‘World Burn’ & ‘All You Wanna Do’ are actually easy!

In this program, I’ll help you find your mix voice so you can belt 8 shows a week & it feels effortless. You’ll gain full understanding of how your voice works so you can control it, deliver the exact sound you want & sing any material you get asked to sing for your auditions, as well as in shows & rehearsals.


By the end of this program:
  • You’ll be able to sing without obvious breaks

  • You’ll be able to sing any song that you’re given for auditions or in shows

  • You’ll learn to sing with the sound & style required for contemporary musical theatre & pop (an absolute must if you want to be a successful performer!)

  • You’ll be able to belt & it feel easy

What's included?

  • 8 week program 

  • 4x 60min private voice lessons (Online/London) so you can find what YOUR voice needs, get specific songs for YOU, get exercises tailored to your needs.

  • 3x Mix Voice Trainings on how to apply mix voice in your singing career & the science behind mix voice. This will make you a better performer, singer & audition more confidently!

  • 8 weeks in group Voxer chat (Voxer is similar to Whatsapp, but for coaching). Ask questions, share progress, as you practice & learn. You feel supported throughout this entire program.

  • Mix Voice Technique Booklet & Progress Log 

  • BONUS: Access to all paid Masterclasses, whilst inside of this program.

  • BONUS: Mix Voice Certification (If you complete the program & pass a final assessment.)


The next 8 week program is starting in 2024.


Only £797!

Payment Plan Available. 

(Spaces are limited.)

Please note: I will only be taking a small amount of clients onto this program due to the amount of 1:1 time and personal attention each singer will be receiving. By booking this course you agree to my Terms of Service.

This program is great for you if..
  • You don't feel in control when you are singing in the middle part of your voice - sometimes you nail it.. sometimes you don't..

  • When you get given specific audition material you struggle to navigate it in your voice or you just feel like you can't sing it.

  • You can't access a thinner 'belt' sound - it's always pure power or head voice/ falsetto.

  • You want to be able to sing in a 'mixier' or 'lighter' quality, so when a casting or creative team ask for that you can give them exactly what they want.

By the end of Mastering Your Mix Voice:

  • You’ll feel more confident onstage & in auditions.

  • You’ll book the jobs you’ve always wanted!


When you join this program you get:

  • 3x 60min 1:1 voice lessons (Online/London) -Value £430

  • 3x Mix Voice Trainings -Value £300

  • 8 weeks in group Voxer chat -Value £400

  • Mix Voice Technique Booklet & Progress Log -Value £99

  • BONUS: Get 1 month free inside the Get Booked! Membership

  • BONUS: Mastering Mix Voice Certificate


Total Value: £ INSANITY

You pay: Only £797!

**BONUS - Get 1 month free inside the Get Booked! Membership**

Payment Plan available.

(Spaces are limited.)

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