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Mix voice is THE sound of contemporary music, whether you're singing shows like SIX, Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen or singing pop & rock songs; mastering mix voice is a MUST!

Put simply, mix voice is the blending of 'head' and 'chest' voices and there are infinite possibilities to be explored.  Artists such as Ben Platt, Renee Rapp and Ariana Grande have mastered this skill and you can too!

With a combination of 1-2-1 voice coaching; working specifically on YOUR technique and YOUR vocal needs, and group sessions to learn more about mix voice; how to use it and why it's so beneficial, as well as how to apply it to songs.  

Take your voice and career to the next level, by mastering mix voice in just 5 weeks!

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What's included in the course?
*4x 1-2-1 Voice Lessons - to work specifically on YOUR voice, to find and use Mix Voice in your voice & put the technique into songs. 
Lessons are scheduled weekly to suit your availability. You have the option of online or in London sessions.
*3x Group Sessions - to learn all about Mix Voice technique, the varying degrees of mix voice & the best exercises to use in your Mix Voice practice. Group sessions will be online on 16th May, 1st June, 15th June from 6:30-8:30pm. 
*Live Q&A's - to ask any questions & discuss any issues or triumphs you are having in your practices. Q&A's are online and scheduled as needed.

**All classes will be recorded for you to watch back anytime & I will be on hand to answer any, and all, questions you may have throughout the course - transforming your voice can be a mind blowing time

The next 5 week course will be in 2023!

Cost - £297*

Payment Plan available.

*Money-back guarantee - if you're not happy with the vocal progress you've made, I will refund the full cost. 

Please note: I will only be taking a small amount of clients onto this program due to the amount of 1-2-1 time and personal attention each singer will be receiving.

By booking this course you agree to my Terms of Service. 

Ready to Master YOUR Mix Voice?


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