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Welcome to your next level as a Singer!

Step #1:

Click here to join the Singing Bootcamp Facebook group.

This contains the below trainings:

  • Vocal Technique 101

  • How to Sing Contemporary Musical Theatre Vs Legit Musical Theatre

  • Mix Voice Vs Belt

  • How to Sing Pop

Step #2:

Click here to watch Understand Your Casting

- where you will get clear on where you fit in the industry so you can get more auditions & recalls, and book the jobs you want.

Step #3:

Click here to watch BONUS training: How to Perform Like A Leading Lady

- where you will learn how to be a Leading Lady in the audition room & centre stage

Step #4:

Bookmark this page


- so you can come back to it & re-watch the trainings anytime

You will also receive these links in an email.

Happy Singing!

Gemma x

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