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Welcome to Mastering Mix Voice!

Step #1:

Click here to join the Mastering Mix Voice Facebook group.

This contains the below Mix Voice Modules:

  • Mix Voice Training One

  • Mix Voice Training Two

  • Mix Voice Training Three

(Be sure to complete in this order.)

You also get Booklets to get with each training for notes & a progress log, should you wish to record your progress & breakthroughs.

Step #2:

Upgrade to VIP, where you'll get live 1:1 Mix Voice coaching with me:

Click here to upgrade to VIP

- this includes 3x 30 minutes 1:1 sessions.

Available for purchase until July 31st, 2024.

Step #3:

Watch & re-watch the trainings to truly master your mix voice.

You will also receive these links in an email.

Happy Singing!

Gemma x

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