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Get the opportunity to meet & perform for THREE casting directors, after properly preparing with Vocal Coach Gemma Anne Barnes to make sure you have the right songs, sound great and lead with your strongest performances!

This 4 class series, will give the casting directors a chance to get to know YOU, work with YOU and help YOU get closer to booking that dream job! 

*Spaces are limited to give every singer time to work 1:1 with the casting directors.

**This is a group workshop class.

Class dates & times: 

18th January 7PM

23rd January 2PM

31st January 7PM

& one more date to be confirmed.


Central London (Zone 1)

Casting Directors:

Paul Wooller - Head of Casting at Cameron Mackintosh 

Danielle Tarento - Casting Director & Producer at Tarento Productions

Peter Noden - Casting Director at Peter Noden Casting & Stuart Burt Casting

Full Course Fee - £199

Click here to join the wait list.

Are you a recent graduate? 

Have you seen a role/show is auditioning that you'd be perfect for, but you're not getting called in? 

Are you getting in the audition room but not getting recalled? 

Are you getting to finals but not booking the job?


You must be 18+, proffessional or in-training singer to take this course.

This series of workshops is in accordance with the CDG Guidelines.

The intent of the workshop is educational and should not be considered a job interview or audition. Attending workshops is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. It is a learning / educational experience. The presence of a Casting Director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. Contact with a Casting Director at a workshop rarely results in any further contact with that Casting Director or any company affiliated with that Casting Director.

Places on this course are limited. Should the course sell out, you will be added to the waiting list and contacted if a space becomes available.

By booking the above course, you agree to my Terms of Service. To view, please click here.


With Vocal Coach, Gemma Anne Barnes.

Bring you rep book or audition song choices. 

Together, we'll decide on your best song options to lead with, for each casting director, and work on those songs, to make sure you will be showing the very best of YOU!

WEEK 2, 3 & 4

With Casting Director.

Perform and work on your song with the casting director, and receive feedback on your performance.

You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the audition and casting process. They'll also be sharing their top audition tips & advice.

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